Hi guys

How was your weekend? This weekend was the first time in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I have to tell you muuchísimo throughout the week I will tell all

Today I want to give encouragement to those who are returning to the routine, are returning to college, school yea, the work … and I want to propose a creative idea:

Customize notebooks and folders!!

It’s an easy way to recycle folders and notebooks that are unique, you take a little time but Ya’an, compensates and helps especially encouraged.

I leave a tutorial made ​​by me with two ideas that fact: a calendar and a notebook of ideas for blog hope you like it and you feel encouraged


materials to customize
glue stick
bic pen lid

The first thing to do is to choose both the notebook as you customize the background you will have, I chose a tiny notebook and bottom two images of NY.

Then you have to remove the covers of notebook carefully.

On the other hand decided to age the photos with coffee mixed with glue and water, apply with gentle tapping of cotton soaked in this mixture.

Once dry the photos must also cover caps and start adding decoration

Before you start decorating the holes have to be made to the covers put back in the notebook.

I added some details:

My result is:

The first will be my schedule and the second will be the book’s ideas blog

What do you think?

I hope you liked it and you have inspired

Well you rush week!



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