Hey guys!


First, ask all apologies for taking a tad to publish my new post. Sometimes technology review it, and before that … We can do little.


Once solved these technical glitches, now I want to show what I consider finding hilarious and very fashionable. Yes, yes, a different recipe that you may be the kings of the pies (more so considering that tomorrow is my birthday …)



Among the important range of dining options offering “The Fondnt”, I chose the most simple and fun: fondant THE CLOUDS! With clouds of jelly, clear, I tell you, this serves to coat the cakes and make fun and original shapes of different colors:


Clouds or gummy sponges
INDUSTRIAL icing sugar, does not serve the home!
A glass bowl microwaveable

The measures are always twice that cloud icing sugar, so if we use 200 gr of clouds as we need 400g of icing sugar, icing sugar industry should be the home for very fine it is not a fondant will make you smooth and grumitos …

The clouds are found usually pink and white mixed, I use that are sold in Mercadona, that are half white and half roses, cut in half and separated the white rose as if the color you want to take in red composition, for example brown, black, orange, … then use the pink, but if I need a white or red lead tone that in composition, then use the white part. In Aldi sell packages clouds are one color only, will not the colors together, so if you can buy them there, you have to cut the ahorrais

Paint buttered glass bowl that we use, we take the clouds and cut, we moisten hands and sprinkle the clouds with a few drops of water and put it in the microwave to melt them.

The heating going 30 to 30 seconds to avoid being burned, and stir every time we stop the microwave heat makes it melt.

Once melted, we add the colorant, the amount of colorant will depend on the color that desire. Mix the dye with clouds melted and we add the icing sugar gradually and we mixing with a fork or similar.

When we can no longer move the dough with a fork and let’s hands, for that, we the spread with a little butter to prevent sticking us, but only if we see necessary. Knead until dough is elastic that is manageable.

Liam in plastic wrap and set aside. Lasts up to 6 months in the refrigerator, then you just have to take a hit of microwave and knead again and we list.

After having listed the colored fondant and have just have to extend it and place it on a cake in the shape you want

I leave a few examples:



I hope you liked it and you bear it out, is very easy and hilarious

Regards and Have a nice day!!




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