Hi guys


I hope you had a good weekend. I went to an event that I have to talk you about, so today in I’m going to show you my new discovery: I found thanks to my friend Maca the  market of design, fashionable, of complements, vintage …




It is placed in the Plaza del 2 de Mayo in Madrid in Malasaña’s neighborhood and it’s composed by positions where many bloggers take his DIY and his designs and sell them.

It is a great opportunity if you have a blog to announce yourself and much more, if you only want to find curious things that nobody is going to take, a way of not wearing what everybody wear.

I had a wonderful time, I discovered a heap of the most enterteining complements to wear everyday and they are very agreeable, they help you and show you how they make their designs, and i have to say that the environment is very good.









I would like to be thanks the blogs: sra.oLuna Encaprichada, dulce o salado  for the patience and for telling me a bit about how this market works thank you very much.

In addition they possess creative workshops where they teach you every weekend something different in order that each one could do his own creations

To be designer is fashion now!!!!

So I encourage you all to have a walk around there next Saturday I assure you that you will not repent

I leave here the market website, here you can see the activities and if you want, you can participate

Have a good Week



Hi guys

I hope you all had a good weekend I attended an event that I can only tell you, so now I tell my new discovery:

I discovered thanks to my friend Maca market design, fashion, accessories, vintage …


Located on the square in Madrid on May 2 in the Malasaña and is composed of stalls where many take their DIY bloggers and their designs and sell them.

It’s a great opportunity if you have a blog to let you know and a lot more if you just want to find interesting things that nobody is going to take, a way of not taking leading worldwide.

I Great time, I discovered a lot of hilarious supplements to take on a day to day and they are very nice, they help you and teach you how to make your designs the truth that the atmosphere is great.

I would like to thank the blogs: sra.o, Luna Infatuated, sweet or savory for the patience and tell me a little and catch up on this market thank you very much

They also have creative workshops where they teach you every weekend for something different that everyone can make their own creations

Being this fashion designer!!

So I encourage everyone to get close next Saturday and give you a ride I assure you will not regret

I leave the web address of the market for you to see if activities or participate uqeréis

May you have a great week



Hey guys how about going around the course?

Today I want to talk in of a trend that will triumph this course, I have already spoken of bib necklaces but do not lay awake so I will wear it how I want to show how this fashion to take and how to shirts will be the fashion item this winter, this trend is …


It’s a little weird, at first I did not dare to wear them this way, but it looks great and is a different and stylish to wear it, besides having a retro character, very eighties.


You añadirles neck details:

What I love about this trend is how the neck is closed more bib necklaces or collars that are so fashionable:


In my visit to the Cibeles even saw a kid, I loved the truth, is a way to stand out from the rest, so I propose that this tendency to get a total look very original and fashionable.


Also I suggest a tendency to be imposed this season … snaps on collar, closing:

I hope you liked it and that you dare to ponéroslo I did and now …I love it!

May you have a great day!




Hey guys!


First, ask all apologies for taking a tad to publish my new post. Sometimes technology review it, and before that … We can do little.


Once solved these technical glitches, now I want to show what I consider finding hilarious and very fashionable. Yes, yes, a different recipe that you may be the kings of the pies (more so considering that tomorrow is my birthday …)



Among the important range of dining options offering “The Fondnt”, I chose the most simple and fun: fondant THE CLOUDS! With clouds of jelly, clear, I tell you, this serves to coat the cakes and make fun and original shapes of different colors:


Clouds or gummy sponges
INDUSTRIAL icing sugar, does not serve the home!
A glass bowl microwaveable

The measures are always twice that cloud icing sugar, so if we use 200 gr of clouds as we need 400g of icing sugar, icing sugar industry should be the home for very fine it is not a fondant will make you smooth and grumitos …

The clouds are found usually pink and white mixed, I use that are sold in Mercadona, that are half white and half roses, cut in half and separated the white rose as if the color you want to take in red composition, for example brown, black, orange, … then use the pink, but if I need a white or red lead tone that in composition, then use the white part. In Aldi sell packages clouds are one color only, will not the colors together, so if you can buy them there, you have to cut the ahorrais

Paint buttered glass bowl that we use, we take the clouds and cut, we moisten hands and sprinkle the clouds with a few drops of water and put it in the microwave to melt them.

The heating going 30 to 30 seconds to avoid being burned, and stir every time we stop the microwave heat makes it melt.

Once melted, we add the colorant, the amount of colorant will depend on the color that desire. Mix the dye with clouds melted and we add the icing sugar gradually and we mixing with a fork or similar.

When we can no longer move the dough with a fork and let’s hands, for that, we the spread with a little butter to prevent sticking us, but only if we see necessary. Knead until dough is elastic that is manageable.

Liam in plastic wrap and set aside. Lasts up to 6 months in the refrigerator, then you just have to take a hit of microwave and knead again and we list.

After having listed the colored fondant and have just have to extend it and place it on a cake in the shape you want

I leave a few examples:



I hope you liked it and you bear it out, is very easy and hilarious

Regards and Have a nice day!!



Hi guys

How’s the week? Around?

Like every day, since we intend to encourage day we live with one of the events of the years. We did not want to lose …


We were on Saturday 1 and we had a blast, I explain:

We arrived at IFEMA at Hall 14.1, where we hoped to deliver tickets for this event so exciting. And is that nobody wants to lose … The building was full of very pretty and neat!

And finally we were inside!

Upon arrival we saw a giant screen A.Arzuaga parade in a corner, where the distance we could see the VIP tent. The laidback atmosphere was awesome!!!

In the distance we had a giant screen, and where the heads are in the photo, had installed a few Ipads from which attendees could qualify live different collections.

We were also giving the occasional tour of the various stands that were mounted magazines and beverage brands. We even took pictures at a photocall to a beach in the Canary Islands.

We learned tips on how to make-up in the booth Telva labor and Beatriz Vazquez Gloria Caballero, who besides being hilarious as we taught ourselves Vaquerizo Mario cheekbones and many tricks. I leave the link of your blog

In the area we were taught as l’Oreal eye make-up for every moment of the day (very interesting) and we talked about the new application they had.

And finally ….

We entered a parade!!

The designer is called Teresa Helbig. See that photo did:

1.Waitting the parade …




The parade was awesome. And also gratifying was the ride that we found after the area where the new designers were located.


Great time!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as me

I gradually give all the keys of what I learned

May you have a great week! See you in Madrid VFNO


Hi guys

How was your weekend? This weekend was the first time in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I have to tell you muuchísimo throughout the week I will tell all

Today I want to give encouragement to those who are returning to the routine, are returning to college, school yea, the work … and I want to propose a creative idea:

Customize notebooks and folders!!

It’s an easy way to recycle folders and notebooks that are unique, you take a little time but Ya’an, compensates and helps especially encouraged.

I leave a tutorial made ​​by me with two ideas that fact: a calendar and a notebook of ideas for blog hope you like it and you feel encouraged


materials to customize
glue stick
bic pen lid

The first thing to do is to choose both the notebook as you customize the background you will have, I chose a tiny notebook and bottom two images of NY.

Then you have to remove the covers of notebook carefully.

On the other hand decided to age the photos with coffee mixed with glue and water, apply with gentle tapping of cotton soaked in this mixture.

Once dry the photos must also cover caps and start adding decoration

Before you start decorating the holes have to be made to the covers put back in the notebook.

I added some details:

My result is:

The first will be my schedule and the second will be the book’s ideas blog

What do you think?

I hope you liked it and you have inspired

Well you rush week!

¿Mustaches? DO NOT MISS IT …..

Hey guys how’s the week? today I want to talk to another novelty for a few months is going strong, are …


If if strangely enough, is a trend that is very popular and many people actually use them both in dress and decoration.

Typically seen in accessories like brooches, pendants, T-shirts, camisoles painted, original articles also decoration, painted nails

Here you have a choice of what I found:

In decoration I’ve loved these original ideas:

This corkscrew mustache for € 14.24 in

I have also found in nail decoration mostachitos and fingers:

Accessories mustache shaped like:

I’ve also found very original shirts:

This shirt made ​​by my friends and bloggers Sisters Act

I’ve done my sisters these mustaches costumizados hope you like:


I’ll show you how I did it and I’ll show more models made ​​by me soon.

I hope you liked it and inspired

Have a nice weekend!