Hi guys very good morning today have many things to tell

The first thing I want to tell you we have invited the team MBFW NTERATE to Madrid and we are excited, so we will tell you as always for you knowing about everything.

And I also want to talk about a new and stylish to wear a belt as all belts have in our closets that we almost give lengthy several turns at the waist so here I want to talk about …


I propose another way poneroslo hope you like.

On the runways can be seen as a trend:


Paula Echevarria in her blog shows how we put it this way.


Zara chain of fashion stores in its catalog also presents


Here some ideas I’ve found:


Also I leave different ways of putting on the belt as this:


I hope you liked it

Have a good week!



Hi guys today I want to dedicate this post my father, so here from this blog, (he was one of those who encouraged me to start over and that is something of mine) I say:


And as my father is a person to dress stylishly do this post about something that my father loves and wants to investigate, and I realize that is a trend that many stores are betting as retro style -vintage is so fashionable. So in honor of my father I want to talk about …

Bow ties

I want to talk about the bowtie: color, dots, squares, both with rubber (that are already made​​) as normal to get the bow tie. It is a typical accessory man and I love, beautiful look that are placed:

I leave you some pictures that explain how to do it yourself, because they are  most beautiful and you can adjust as you like:

This is the choice that fact bowties, hope you like:
As always begin with one of my favorite shops:
Zara here I found many proposals
  For € 12.95
  For € 12.95
In Mango I found:
For € 25.99
For € 25.99
For € 22.99
From El Ganso I love:
For 18 €
For 18 €
For 18 €
For 18 €
In Polo Ralph Lauren found in the authentic bow tie which must also be higher priced but I’ve loved:
For $ 120
  For $ 85
Also you can find online, you have some links: I find among others:
You dare to put it?

I hope you liked it and who decides to put you, it is  a supplement so original

Have a nice day and enjoy much


Hello guys today in we want to tell you that WE HAVE BEEN AWARDED: Alicia a blogger friend rewards us from his blog thank you very much!!! Now I’m so motivated!! And I decide to write about the Retro style, which is the style that stems in the Vintage style.



The Retro style at the moment of speaking of fashion  is a style of ” turned to the past “, especially of the 50s 60 0 70, often with elements or accessories that were mythical of those years like trousers of high figure or jeans Bell-Button, the round  sun glasses, big felt hats, gloves, …

 So … what’s the difference between Retro and Vintage?


The difference so clear, Vintage style is “second hand” and it could be Retro style to. This style (Retro) is typical of a previous epoch, so that’s why the Vintage clothes it’s in the habit of being Retro, and you can also find the classic one to.


Some  mythical idols that influence all this retro style are:


Marilin Monroe

Coca Cola

The  beatles




The Retro style in fashion it’s seen with mixtures of alive colors, the return of the high figure, the classic bags used Doctor Bag style, the use of hats of felt, the use of gloves …


 The Retro accessories are so original, I like them so much.

The Retro style shops usually have so many things and very big cartels in the shop window, here you have some pictures of different shops.


There are so many shops of these style


But the most funny thing is going to … the Retro restaurants

In Madrid madrid:

  • Retro Bar                                                                              

Madrid, Ibiza, Calle Ibiza nº 44.


Madrid, Justicia, Belén, 5.

Madrid, Centro, Silva, 25

En Barcelona

Barcelona, Gràcia, Topazi, 26.

Barcelona, Esquerra Eixample, Mallorca, 202.

Barcelona, Tres Torres, Anglí 4, bis.

Sabadell, Sant Quirze 50,

I hope you enjoy and inspired this style that is so fashion and funny

Have a nice day





Hello boys today in I’m going to show you a recipe for cooking that’s perfect for summer, nice, cool and so entertained. With these recipe  you will surprise to all your family and guests.

They are….




That’s the way to cook them

We are going to need:

  • Square loaf
  • Cheese roquefort to smeart
  • Black olives
  • Glass of chupito (known as shots)
  • Sharp knife

Way to cook them:

We take a slice of square loaf and smear the cheese roquefort so that a juicy cap of cheese stays over the loaf. With the glass of chupito we’ll cut the circles that will be the base of the couch, and the base will be like a circle. With every slice of square loaf, will make 4 bases of couch.

Then we cut for the middle the tomatoes cherrys and take one of the halfs and  make an small cut in order that they look like the small wings, that’s going to be the body of the lady bird.

We cut an olive for the middle and do it again, this quarter will be the head of the lady bird

With another olive we puncture small bits that will be the black points of the lady bird that we will place carefully on the clusters of tomato

Finally we put carefully a few white points over the head of the lady bird like if they are the eyes

 Sorry i know the pictures are rubish, Next pictures will be better

And… we have our lady birds ready to be serve.

I hope you enjoy the idea, (in my house they were a success) and try to cook them.

Have a nice day.


Hey guys

Today in I’m going to speak about the ultimate trend that can be seen in stores and of course we will see more than one at the Fashion Week in Madrid or VFNO.


They are false collars that simulate the baby doll that last season were so popular and are going to be in stores  in its most original version, false collars as a collar, detachable collars.

Some are made ​​of lace, beading, with chains, jewelry …

I leave you some that I have seen in different shops, but I recommend you that being something so original like collars, why don’t you try to be designers??


Both for € 17.95

In Top Shop I liked:

For 14 pounds

From 16.50 pounds

From 16.50 pounds

For 18.90 pounds

For £ 25

H & M shoulder

For 9.95 € for € 14.95 and also you have it in black

For € 19.95 to € 29.95

Blanco you will find:

For € 12.99 for € 12.99 for € 7.99

You can also make it by yourselves, I’ve already done a couple of collards for me, and I’ll show you how they look and how to make them, are extremely easy to do.

I hope you liked the post

Have a good day



How are you guys going this weekend? I hope everything goes great

Today I address a preview of the season is heading, which will count as one of the accessories that are going to give that talk this fall, are the …


The bracelets are accessories used quite long, are usually typical of the summer season because that’s when you look more arms but …This fall also take!

How are? At the end of a long sleeve like a cuff.

What colors? Particularly in gold and silver without drawing, although I personally like more if they have any type of drawing.

You have some photos for you to see different styles of carrying

The you will find:

In Zara for € 17.95 and € 12.95 respectively

In Bimba and Lola

For 19 € For 20 € for 15 € For 46 € For 27 €

In Aristocrazy shoulder some because they are all precious

Of 269 € and 299 € respectively.

in Bershka

For € 5.99 by 12.99

At H & M

On the cuff of the great lazo5.95 € € 20

For € 5.95

  For € 4.95

Blanco will find

From 7.99 € for € 9.99 for € 7.99 for € 7.99 for € 9.99 for € 12.99

In Mango find

For € 15.99 for € 19.99 for € 12.99 for € 25.99 for € 19.95 for € 12.99

You can also find markets in other stores, craft stores or even bracelets from our mothers or grandmothers and now it is so fashionable vintage.

Teach you the bracelet he gave me this Saturday my boyfriend What is beautiful?

I hope you liked it so well the day you finish and have a nice start to the week


Hey guys today I want to tell

Have you noticed we have changed the format? Now we have a section in which most international readers will be able to read and comment on entries in English and will be more comfortable for them.

and after that ….

 As a heat wave comes I speak of something cooler … something cool and fashionable .. so here I speak to you today …


                Why peach?


Because this is a fruit in season here in Spain and is really good as well as being very healthy tropical and perfect for this summer.

I leave you the recipe to make at home (the rate we’re going I will make you a very good cockteleros) joking aside, I leave the recipe is very easy to do:


Schweppes Indian Tonic (any tone although we recommend you this)
Skin lemon and orange

How to do it:

1.Son many details that must be taken into account when making a Gin Tonic, the first is the glass, being wide and short the best comes. Even if you have got a glass ball is also good. The reason is that the Geneva need a wide mouth for oxygenation and detach its entire arsenal of scents.

2.También need lime, or better known as lime. But lemon juice as advised in some places. The lemon juice kills the bubbles in the tonic and Tonic Gin loses much of its grace. We need the essence of lime and peach convinarla with, for that cut skin without the white part) above the glass wring out and see small micro droplets (the spirit of the file) do not overdo it either. Then rub it over the edge of the cup peach and leave it inside the glass. If we want to cut a slice and add it later.

3.For other hand we will need lots of ice

4.Echamos the Geneva of our choice, counting 3 seconds or so which is the same (1001, 1002, 1003) and at some distance from the mouth of the glass to the Geneva oxygenated. There is a slug, it is enjoying a drink with pleasure, not other things.

5.Por last fill up and tone up with the handle of a spoon give a return to spice up the bubbles

This recipe takes a lot of ice and you know I like things with style and original so here …. I want to propose you to do original ice forms so rich in addition to the cocktail you will do things always original and very cheap:

As these forms of ice with electric guitar.


Or guns like this:

I leave the link in case you want to buy

Animals may also be

Or even robots

The enocntraréis in

these are so traditional


These so funny:

Very sailors such as the Titanic also birthday … The Fan houseware.

I hope you liked my ideas and you get in practice

Have a nice weekend!!