Hi guys


I hope you had a good weekend. I went to an event that I have to talk you about, so today in I’m going to show you my new discovery: I found thanks to my friend Maca the  market of design, fashionable, of complements, vintage …




It is placed in the Plaza del 2 de Mayo in Madrid in Malasaña’s neighborhood and it’s composed by positions where many bloggers take his DIY and his designs and sell them.

It is a great opportunity if you have a blog to announce yourself and much more, if you only want to find curious things that nobody is going to take, a way of not wearing what everybody wear.

I had a wonderful time, I discovered a heap of the most enterteining complements to wear everyday and they are very agreeable, they help you and show you how they make their designs, and i have to say that the environment is very good.









I would like to be thanks the blogs: sra.oLuna Encaprichada, dulce o salado  for the patience and for telling me a bit about how this market works thank you very much.

In addition they possess creative workshops where they teach you every weekend something different in order that each one could do his own creations

To be designer is fashion now!!!!

So I encourage you all to have a walk around there next Saturday I assure you that you will not repent

I leave here the market website, here you can see the activities and if you want, you can participate

Have a good Week