Hey guys how about going around the course?

Today I want to talk in of a trend that will triumph this course, I have already spoken of bib necklaces but do not lay awake so I will wear it how I want to show how this fashion to take and how to shirts will be the fashion item this winter, this trend is …


It’s a little weird, at first I did not dare to wear them this way, but it looks great and is a different and stylish to wear it, besides having a retro character, very eighties.


You añadirles neck details:

What I love about this trend is how the neck is closed more bib necklaces or collars that are so fashionable:


In my visit to the Cibeles even saw a kid, I loved the truth, is a way to stand out from the rest, so I propose that this tendency to get a total look very original and fashionable.


Also I suggest a tendency to be imposed this season … snaps on collar, closing:

I hope you liked it and that you dare to ponéroslo I did and now …I love it!

May you have a great day!



¿Mustaches? DO NOT MISS IT …..

Hey guys how’s the week? today I want to talk to another novelty for a few months is going strong, are …


If if strangely enough, is a trend that is very popular and many people actually use them both in dress and decoration.

Typically seen in accessories like brooches, pendants, T-shirts, camisoles painted, original articles also decoration, painted nails

Here you have a choice of what I found:

In decoration I’ve loved these original ideas:

This corkscrew mustache for € 14.24 in

I have also found in nail decoration mostachitos and fingers:

Accessories mustache shaped like:

I’ve also found very original shirts:

This shirt made ​​by my friends and bloggers Sisters Act

I’ve done my sisters these mustaches costumizados hope you like:


I’ll show you how I did it and I’ll show more models made ​​by me soon.

I hope you liked it and inspired

Have a nice weekend!


Hey guys

Today in I’m going to speak about the ultimate trend that can be seen in stores and of course we will see more than one at the Fashion Week in Madrid or VFNO.


They are false collars that simulate the baby doll that last season were so popular and are going to be in stores  in its most original version, false collars as a collar, detachable collars.

Some are made ​​of lace, beading, with chains, jewelry …

I leave you some that I have seen in different shops, but I recommend you that being something so original like collars, why don’t you try to be designers??


Both for € 17.95

In Top Shop I liked:

For 14 pounds

From 16.50 pounds

From 16.50 pounds

For 18.90 pounds

For £ 25

H & M shoulder

For 9.95 € for € 14.95 and also you have it in black

For € 19.95 to € 29.95

Blanco you will find:

For € 12.99 for € 12.99 for € 7.99

You can also make it by yourselves, I’ve already done a couple of collards for me, and I’ll show you how they look and how to make them, are extremely easy to do.

I hope you liked the post

Have a good day