Hi guys

How’s the week? Around?

Like every day, since we intend to encourage day we live with one of the events of the years. We did not want to lose …


We were on Saturday 1 and we had a blast, I explain:

We arrived at IFEMA at Hall 14.1, where we hoped to deliver tickets for this event so exciting. And is that nobody wants to lose … The building was full of very pretty and neat!

And finally we were inside!

Upon arrival we saw a giant screen A.Arzuaga parade in a corner, where the distance we could see the VIP tent. The laidback atmosphere was awesome!!!

In the distance we had a giant screen, and where the heads are in the photo, had installed a few Ipads from which attendees could qualify live different collections.

We were also giving the occasional tour of the various stands that were mounted magazines and beverage brands. We even took pictures at a photocall to a beach in the Canary Islands.

We learned tips on how to make-up in the booth Telva labor and Beatriz Vazquez Gloria Caballero, who besides being hilarious as we taught ourselves Vaquerizo Mario cheekbones and many tricks. I leave the link of your blog

In the area we were taught as l’Oreal eye make-up for every moment of the day (very interesting) and we talked about the new application they had.

And finally ….

We entered a parade!!

The designer is called Teresa Helbig. See that photo did:

1.Waitting the parade …




The parade was awesome. And also gratifying was the ride that we found after the area where the new designers were located.


Great time!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as me

I gradually give all the keys of what I learned

May you have a great week! See you in Madrid VFNO